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Full name ARVIS S.A. Environmental enterprises of Greece
Country GR
Type SME
Business Activity Environmental services, recycling and waste management.
Project Role Identification and development of suitable recycling procedures and plant design.

ARVIS SA focuses on Environmental Studies and Research Projects by participating in national procurements and EU funded calls. In addition, ARVIS supplies local governments and other public or private entities with technical equipment relative to environmental activities such as recycling, composting, press containers etc. ARVIS SA cooperates with scientists of various expertise and employs special software for development of Carbon Footprint, Life Cycle Assessment, Cost-Benefit Analysis data etc. The company represents prominent European Construction Houses with vast experience in their field, while working closely with Universities and research entities.

ARVIS SA possesses significant experience in the development of Environmental Services with special emphasis on Recycling and Waste Management. Skills provided by ARVIS SA include:

  • Studies relevant to the Environment-Studies (Life Cycle Assessments-LCA, Environmental Impact Assessments-EIA, Cost-Benefit Analysis-CBA, Carbon Footprint, Special Environmental studies, E-waste Management etc.)
  • Technical - Economical Studies and Operations Research
  • Environmental Educational Seminars and courses

Contact: Mr Leonidas Somakos (Supervising Engineer of the Technical and R&D Department at ARVIS).