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Full name Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems
Country BG
Type RTD
Business Activity Centre of excellence for lead-acid battery research.
Project Role Optimisation of the coating technology as applied to the fibres.
Testing of coating performance.

The Bulgarian Academy of Science (BAS) is 140-year old formed in 1869. Its mission is to develop science for advancement of mankind, whilst developing the intellectual wealth of Bulgaria. The academy is autonomous and has a Society of Academicians, Correspondent Members and Foreign Members. It publishes and circulates different scientific works, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and journals. It is made up of many divisions covering many scientific subjects. MEMLAB will be specifically involved with the Lead-Acid Battery Department (LABD) which is part of the Institute of Electrochemistry and Energy Systems (IEES). LABD specialises in the investigation of lead-acid battery technology, the department has 29 members of staff and has been involved in numerous international projects including FP5 and FP6 projects.

LABD has over 40 years of experience is concurring lead-acid battery milestones, they have participated in many international project in and out of Europe. They have successfully participated in previous EU framework funding programs, in the field of lead-acid batteries. They have published in excess of 290 papers over the last 40 years, with their article being cited in excess of 3000 times in other publications. LABD has testing facilities which include; X-ray diffraction, TEM, SEM, Thermal analysis, Porometric laboratory; Battery, Cell and Electrode testing laboratories. They also have inter-cell welding and hot sealing facilities.

Contact: Prof Detchko Pavlov established and headed the Lead-Acid Battery Department (LABD) of IEES in 1966. Ever since, the research and development activities of the LABD have been focused on the lead-acid battery theory and technology. Prof Pavlov has published 220 papers and hold over 30 patents. He has authored a chapter about lead-acid batteries in ‘Power Sources for Electric Vehicles'. He is chairman of International Conferences on Lead-Acid Batteries, LABAT, and a member of the editorial board for the journal of power sources.