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Full name MIRA Ltd
Country UK
Type RTD
Website www.mira.co.uk
Business Activity Automotive RTD performer.
Project Role Development of appropriate BMS.
Validation trials of prototype batteries.

MIRA is recognised as a leading independent product engineering, testing, consultancy and certification organisation. Through the integration of innovative design and simulation techniques, validated in over 30 major test facilities, MIRA delivers new vehicle, system and component designs. Operating across the whole range of transport technologies MIRA provides particular expertise in vehicle safety, aerodynamics, thermal management, dynamics, refinement, electrical systems, EMC engineering, powertrain integration, environmental engineering and all aspects of durability.

MIRA's customer base includes major vehicle manufacturers, systems and component suppliers and other independent consultancies throughout most of the vehicle-producing world. MIRA has more than 60 years of knowledge and know-how, gained whilst working for these clients around the world. MIRA Ltd. employs more than 400 staff over two sites; the headquarters in Nuneaton, Warwickshire and the European Test Operations in Basildon, Essex. The main site covers over 700 acres, with more than 50 miles of test tracks and more than 30 laboratories.

MIRA has approval to ISO9001 for Research, Product Design and Development, Testing and Analysis in Automotive and other Engineering Technologies and the provision of re-calibration and Automotive Information Services. MIRA also has approval to ISO 14001:2004 for ‘Research, Product Development, Testing and Analysis in Automotive and other engineering technologies and the provision of re-calibration and Automotive Information Services'. The nature of the MIRA's business will allow them to perform a technical role within the project, i.e. battery management, and most significantly, dissemination and exploitation activities. MIRA has already performed some work with a hybrid MG TF and a luxury jaguar limousine.

Contact: Chris Mellors (Principal Engineer within the Electrical Department). Chris has worked for 22 years in the electrical industry, of which 15 years in the automotive sector working on both development, R+D, and production systems for vehicles intended for commercial, industrial, private, or military use.