September 2013: Technical Progress

The MEMLAB consortium is very pleased to report that technical progress with the development of sintered metal networks is progressing well. Examples of titanium fibre networks can be seen in the images below. During the development of these networks, Fibretech have been able to increase the yield of fibres from their prototype production plant.
In parallel to work on the development of the metal fibre networks, IEES have been investigating lead plating onto various different titanium substrates whilst MIRA and SystematIC have been designing a suitable battery management system (BMS).
Work over the coming months will investigate the integration of the BMS with the test electrode structures.

Examples of titanium metal fibre networks
Examples of titanium metal fibre networks


15/05/2013: M6 Steering Meeting

The 6-month meeting was held in Nottingham, UK, at Fibre Technology Ltd. Project progress was assessed and immediate priorities were agreed for the next six months.

The meeting was hosted by Lee Marston and was a great success. The consortium identified critical technical points and the next steps for technology development. Fibre production has been very successful with both aluminium and titanium fibres being manufactured by the proprietorial plasma melt overflow (PMO) process. Various techniques have been explored for the production of Metal Fibre Networks (MFNs) with success with both aluminium and titanium fibres. Progress with the deposition of lead coatings was also discussed.

The consortium had the opportunity to visit Fibre Technology Ltds facilities and see the equipment for the PMO process that is used to produce the aluminium and titanium fibres.

The next steps in the project will be to optimise the MFN production process and develop an electroplating procedure to lead coat the MFNs. Mechanical and electrochemical testing of MFNs will be started as well as work on the battery management system (BMS).


27-28/11/2012: KICK-OFF Meeting

The partners gathered at TWIs headquarters in Cambridge, UK, to discuss the project launch and immediate project priorities. The meeting, hosted by Lee Marston of Fibretech, was a great success with the project partners reaching an initial agreement on the proposed target applications for the new technology. At this early stage in the project Fibretech will be focussing on the manufacture of a stock of suitable fibres whilst TWI will work on developing the conditions necessary to produce the metal fibre networks. In addition, it was agreed that TWI would develop and maintain the project website.


memlab kickoff meeting
memlab kickoff meeting