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Full name Fibre technology Limited
Country UK
Type SME
Business Activity Manufacture of metal fibres and fibre based products
Project Role Project Coordinator.
Carry out validation of MFNs

Fibretech is an SME that manufactures metallic fibres using special, rapid solidification technology. Markets include construction, industrial refractories and automotive. Fibretech is the world's leader in Rapid Solidification Technology (RST) for stainless steel fibres. For 25 years, Fibretech has manufactured amorphous, semi-amorphous and fine-crystalline fibres in a wide range of alloys and sizes for the Automotive, Construction and Refractory markets. With new Porous Media products for gas liquid particulate and noise filtration, Fibretech now offers new Environmental solutions that reduce emissions, noise and waste, saving energy and reducing costs. Composite Steels for Automotive, Aerospace, Defence and Marine applications are another new development.

Fibretech has 25 years experience, manufacturing metallic (amorphous, semi-amorphous and fine-crystalline) fibres. Fibretech has the expertise, manufacturing equipment and knowledge of fibre production.

Contact: Mr Lee Marston (Technical manager at Fibretech) is the overall project coordinator.